Monday August 6th 2012

Today was my last day to see Farm Boy. He doesn’t know that I am leaving yet. Sadly. I saw him at the pit as he climbed up that loader with his rather large biceps and triceps flexing. MAN! THIS MAN IS SO SEXY! And I hate how he just bough a motorcycle because it makes him even more sexy! Some one stop this boy. Anyways, I was sitting in my car just staring at this boy. He was like a Greek God statue. Just not as tall. Hah. It was a really nice picture to remember him by. Belieeeve me.

I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the other day. And I came to this realization. The concept of “teenage mutant ninja turtles” is soooo stupid! Its ridiculous! I mean turtles?? Just think about it. Turtles. TURTLES. Hahaha But don’t get me wrong here. Still love them and those classic 1990 movies. Although I find it completely ruining to have a different April in the second movie. Seriously ruined things for me. I mean those movies are only a year apart. What made the first April decide not to continue on to the second movie?? It was kind of hard to watch. I think my favorite part in the second movie is when Vanilla Ice appears. Sexy. ;)

Today I also went Gopher hunting. Even though I hate killing small animals, this was actually quite fun. I shot three with a 22 rifle. Love that gun. Too bad farm boy wasn’t there to give me instructions ;)